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Welcome to the Inform Formulary

PTHB Formulary review in progress
BNF chapter Status
(Last updated May 24)
1 Gastro-Intestinal System Complete
2 Cardiovascular System Complete
3 Respiratory System Complete
4 Central Nervous System Complete
5 Infections Complete
6 Endocrine System Complete
7 Obstetrics, gynaecology +urinary tract disorders Complete
8 Malignant Disease & Immunosuppression Complete
9 Nutrition And Blood In progress
10 Musculoskeletal & Joint Diseases Complete
11 Eye Complete
12 Ear, Nose And Oropharynx Complete
13 Skin Outstanding
14 Immunological Products & Vaccines Outstanding
15 Anaesthesia Outstanding
Formulary Forms
New product and new indication proposal form

The form could be used to apply for:


This will be considered at the next Area Prescribing Group meeting.


Consideration of interim approval for single patient use, subject to formal ratification at the next Area Prescribing Group meeting.

Formulary Amendment Proposal Form

The form could be used to apply for:

  • The addition of a product or group of products where there is a minor change. Examples may be a new strength, change in formulation or device.
  • Change to formulary status e.g. change to ‘Traffic Light’ classification for products.
  • ‘Products’ includes medicines, prescribable appliances and medical devices.
Prescribing Concern Form

The form should be used:

  • If you wish to report any concerns regarding a specialist prescriber requesting that prescribing of a medication is transferred to primary care.
Request to use an unlicensed medicine  Appendix A - PTHB Unlicensed Medicines Policy
PTHB has agreed a ‘Traffic Light’ classification for drugs that may be prescribed for Powys patients.
The definitions of the classifications are below.
GREEN Suitable for initiation by all prescribers including Primary Care within local or national recommendations.
BLUE Second line medicines suitable for initiation by all prescribers including Primary Care within local or national recommendations.
AMBER Medicines which should only be initiated/recommended by specialists but which may then be passed to primary care prescribers for prescribing
AMBER (SHARED CARE) Medicines initiated by hospital specialist, but where continuing treatment by Primary Care Prescribers may be appropriate under a shared care agreement.
Shared care guidelines are available or are being developed for most of these. If no shared care guideline is available, the hospital specialist should provide the Primary Care Prescriber with sufficient information and support to allow treatment to be continued and managed safely in primary care.
RED Medicines for hospital or specialist use only.
The responsibility for initiation and monitoring treatment should rest with an appropriate hospital clinician and the drug should be supplied through the hospital throughout the duration of treatment. Primary Care Prescribers should not be asked to prescribe.
BLACK Not recommended for prescribing in Primary or Secondary Care except under exceptional circumstances.
PURPLE Multiple categories within the same drug group
Powys Medicines Management Team. Tel: 01874 712641 E-mail:

For High cost drug (HCD) funding applications and formulary applications :
GREEN - First line medicines, all prescribers, BLUE - Second line medicines, all prescribers,
AMBER - Initiated/recommended by specialists, SC - shared care agreement
RED - Drugs for hospital or specialist use only,  BLACK - Not recommended,
PURPLE - Multiple categories apply